Hi, I'm Samantha Blount

I relieve stress by helping people and businesses get stuff done efficiently & on-time

Twentyish years ago, I was that kid.

I sat on the front row of class. I took notes until my hands hurt. I made straight A’s. Not because I was naturally the smartest, but because I had the organizational skills, efficiency, and self-discipline of someone 3 times my age.

Eventually, my friends began asking me to help them get organized and develop habits conducive to getting stuff done.

So, I did. A lot. And I never quit… although the scope of my services and the clientele have certainly changed. At the time, I couldn’t be hired to get work done for my high school friends (that’s called “cheating”). I could only teach them how to work more efficiently.

If you’ll pardon the school reference, now I do “C: All of the Above.”

Today, I coach leaders, manage operations, and handle admin for small business owners, corporate executives, and… well… any person or organization that struggles to get stuff done efficiently, excellently, and on-time. My typical client hires me because they want to get more done, (actually) go home at 5pm, and lay down at night without feeling like they should’ve done more.

So, who is Samantha Blount? She’s a lady who, though pulled in a thousand directions, has learned how to get stuff done excellently and efficiently (and can help you do the same).

Samantha is my business empress! I’ve been working with assistants for years and no one helped me as much as Samantha has in the short time she’s been with me. She’s task-oriented, helps me make cost-effective decisions, teaches me something every day and is an excellent resource to have around!
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