You know you need to hire a coach.

You also know you can not afford to  commit to their lengthy, expensive contracts. 

Which is why I built this program for you. 

Heading in a new direction?

Feel like every decision you make is driving you further from your goal?

I get it!

I mean, that’s kind of the nature of the beast isn’t it? We have to make a lot of changes before we can finally turn out a product that truly inspires our audience. Those changes quickly turn into quicksand and everything starts lagging.

It’s at this time you start looking for a coach or consultant to help you climb out. Coaches and Consultants are magnificent at what they do, but they also tend to cost more than what most entreprenuers can afford.

That’s where Coaching On Your Schedule comes in!

Coaching On Your Schedule Benefits

  • No long term commitment
  • Get results without the expensive fees!
  • Use it once or use it on a regular schedule….. It’s in your hands
  • Pay only for the appointments you schedule

How it Works

1. Click the I’m Ready button to pick a date that fits you.

2. Pay the one time fee of $35.

3. Fill out the introductory form with as much information as you can, that way we don’t waste any time during your call.

4. Mark your calendars and be ready for your scheduled appointment!

What Can I Help You With:

I specialize in removing creative and mental blocks to re-establish the leader that began your journey. I’ve helped many new business owners go from just having an ‘idea’ to flourishing. Many women come to me so that together we can bring out their light and show the world their inner lioness!

We can create structure, map unique marketing strategies and eliminate branding difficulties. I’ll give you my ear to bounce ideas off and unscramble all the loopholes.

In a nutshell, I’m not just a specialist in one area. I’ve worked for many years to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge in leadership, creativity, organization, systems and entrepreneurship.

And I want to share my knowledge with you!

“Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction everytime!”

See What My Other Clients are Saying!

“Samantha has been a great pleasure to work with. She is professional, efficient, and always one step ahead of the curve. She is a great asset to any team that needs things done right the first time!” – Hari Rai Khalsa Testmonial Radiation World

“I didn’t realize my need for a VA but my coach suggested that I hire one. Since I started working with Samantha I have told her several times that she is the greatest thing since the iPhone, not sliced bread, but the iPhone! She keeps the forward momentum going by breaking down a project into managable tasks.” – Nancy Smith Vibrant You Coaching 

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: After you schedule your appointment, my time is blocked off just for you and no one else. Therefore, no refunds will be given if you can not make the appointment. If there’s an emergency, we can see about a one-time rescheduling of the appointment on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Are results guaranteed?

A: Guaranteed results is like finding a four-leafed clover. Sure, the opportunity is there but it usually takes a lot of searching, hard work and pre-planning to find that special clover. I’ll give you ideas to search, find ways to make the work easier and organizational skills to make planning beneficial. If you meet me half-way, you’ll get your results.