Operations Manager With A Twist ??

Welcome to the new era of doing business online!


These days you can find hundreds of Virtual Assistants, Business Managers and Business Coaches in any given search, but what’s hard to find is excellent, comprehensive work at an affordable price. Investing in just one of these to make the business grow can be expensive but, having access to all three… well, that’s a lot of money that a lot entrepreneurs just can’t make happen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         How do you make the choice? Do, you sacrifice and go with one or, maybe two… depending on what you think your needs really are?


Ta-Da…that’s where I come in! I’m not a Virtual Assistant, Business Manager or Business Coach – I’m all 3! I’ve created a new breed of excellence, the Virtual Implementation and Integrative Business Specialist (or V.I.I.B. Specialist for short). It’s like having an Operations Manager, a Virtual Assistant and a Coach all at the same time all the time.


As a Leadership Coach, I make business owners accountable while also focusing on all aspects of the business. Coaching about leadership skills has always been an important tool in my handbag, even when working as a Virtual Assistant. My clients loved what I was able to give them and that’s why I manifested the V.I.I.B Specialist.




A Virtual Assistant works for you. They schedule your appointments, provide customer service, set up marketing campaigns, create spreadsheets and more. They are one of your ‘must-haves’ in the business because they give you access to time… Time to step away from running the business and step into your real passion.


A Business Manager and Coach are similar, but have different end-games. They both are higher levels in of the hierarchy of your business. Both can help lead you towards success in business, but the Coach is strictly to converse with while the Manager will distribute your projects to your team and delegate or manage different aspects. Depending on your needs, you’ll have one, or both,  in your business.


A V.I.I.B Specialist is the fusion of all three of these roles. You’ll get a Virtual Assistant working FOR you, a Leader to distributes projects to the right people and manage the backend of your business and a Guide working with you to create a bigger and better business and marketing ideas to guide you towards success and financial freedom! You actually have the ability to have everything in one!




Here are some things to consider:


  • Are you exhausted from having to build your business without a structure for success?
  • Do you find yourself saying, “Systems? WTH do I need more systems for? I already can’t run the ones I have!”
  • Are you ready to throw your hands up in frustration?

Does that all sound like things you say often? If so, call me and let me show you the difference I will make in your business….


We bond. We Change. We Fly. WE LEAD!