Advantages To Beating The Rules

Stay In The Green

There will be new people viewing your page every week! New people, new views and ultimately a better clientele list!

Specialized Interests

Having a big list of followers doesn’t always amount to more paying clients. Find the best audience for your brand and get a better a response rate!

Personalized Experience

Clients today love having a personal relationship with the company or people that they are working with. You’ll be able to give it to them without it being overwhelming for you!

Blount Organic Growth Coaching Process


Individual Review

I’ll complete a basic review of your page so that I can engineer a report tailored specifically to you and your brand.

Unlocking The System

We’ll talk every week for one hour and tackle all the areas that need improvement and celebrate those that are excellent. We’ll work on homework and you’ll be able to fully understand the in’s and out’s of the Social Media game.

You'll Become The Key!

You’ll always be ahead of the crowd as you implement the strategies we talk about. You’ll have a great grasp of the basics, Facebook Ads, advanced analytics and more!

When I started working with Samantha a year ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. She really taught me how to use Facebook more effectively and it is has helped my business so much. There was so much that I didn’t know was available. She really makes it easy and enjoyable.
Sandy Praska

Natural Touch Healing

We Don’t Have To Let The Corporations Define Who See’s Us!

As entrepreneurs, our ventures depend on us staying ahead of the curve. Let me help you do just that and quit wasting money on Ads that don’t lead to anything!